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Shipping and Reconstitution FAQs

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Shipping and Reconstitution FAQs

Shipping and Reconstitution FAQs

I just received your product and it was shipped at room temperature. Is the product okay to use?

Yes. Lyophilized recombinant protein products are intended to be shipped at ambient temperature (20-24°C or 68-77°F) and are not compromised when exposed to normal shipping temperatures for extended periods of time (less than 5 days). Lyophilization is a dehydration process used to increase the stability of our proteins over time and make the product more convenient for shipping by reducing packing materials and shipping expense. Our products are routinely tested for bioactivity following exposure to ambient temperatures encountered during normal shipping conditions. The data generated over time regarding ambient shipping has demonstrated that lyophilized products, shipped at ambient temperatures, retain full activity. We will guarantee and support the performance of our products when delivered and properly stored.  If your shipment was exposed to temperatures greater than 36°C (or 96°F) for more than 3 days, please contact our technical support.

Most of our products are formulated into a stable buffer and then lyophilized for long-term storage and stability. Upon reconstitution according to the product specific instructions, it is recommended that the product be aliquoted into working volumes and stored at -20°. Adding a carrier protein such as HSA or BSA will help protect the protein and prevent the product from sticking to the wall of the vial. It is important to avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles as this can damage the protein and render the product inactive.

When I opened the vial, I didn’t see anything. How do I know there is protein in the vial?

IMPORTANT: Centrifuge vial prior to opening! Most of our products are lyophilized with a low concentration buffer and we do not add carrier proteins (BSA, HSA, sucrose, mannitol, etc.), so the few micrograms of product may not be very visible. It is recommended to spin the vial before opening to ensure the product is not near the cap, and to carefully follow the reconstitution instructions. Follow reconstitution instructions found on the Certificate of Analysis (COA) delivered with your product.

I need to reconstitute at a higher concentration than 0.1 mg/mL. Is that a problem?

Generally it is not a problem to reconstitute at higher concentrations with most proteins as long as the recommended reconstitution solution is used.  Please contact us at getinfo@fujifilm.com to inquire about specific proteins and concentrations prior to starting reconstitution.