Human Th17 Cell Polarizing Protein Bundle (IL-6, TGF-beta 1)

Human Th17 Cell Polarizing Protein Bundle (IL-6, TGF-beta 1)

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Cytokines for polarizing T cells into Th17 cells.

Bundle includes:20 ug of Human IL-65 ug of Human TGF-beta 1  (Retail=$237)



T helper 17 cells (Th17) are a distinct type of T cell subset that are thought to be important in immunity against microbes at the epitilial and mucosal interfaces of the body. Disruption of the regular function or balance of Th17 cells is thought to be involved in several autoimmune diseases and/or opportunistic infections. Th17 cells are characterized by their ability to produce IL-17, IL-22 and IL-21. Th17 cells can be cultured from naive CD4+ T cells by culturing them in the presence of CD3 and CD28 stimulation with recombinant IL-6 (at 10 -30 ng/mL) and recombinant TGF-beta 1 (at 1-5 ng/mL). In some cases neutralizing antibodies against IL-12, IL-4 and IFNy are used along with recombinat cytokines IL-1 beta (at 10-12.5 ng/mL), IL-21 (25-100 ng/mL) and/or IL-23 (10 -25 ng/mL).

Size: 1 bundle

If this pre-made bundle doesn’t fit your needs, contact for a Build Your Own Bundle discount quote (discount depends on quantity and volume).

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