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Shenandoah CTGrade Recombinant Proteins

Achieve predictable workflows and reduce variability with CTGrade interleukins and growth factors. The predictability and performance of CTGrade interleukins and growth factors help cell and gene therapy developers accelerate delivery of life-changing therapies to market. The biological activity of CTGrade interleukins and growth factors is standardized to WHO International standards, where applicable, providing cell and gene therapy developers consistent, lot-to-lot biological activity and performance. CTGrade products are produced from E. coli and are manufactured in a facility that does not use or process beta-lactam containing materials. No animal- or human-derived materials were used during manufacturing or as ingredients. These products are manufactured, tested, and released in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility following cGMP practices. Planned Product Release Dates
Protein ID CTGrade Catalogue Number Launch Date
CTGrade rh IL-2 C126S 500-01 Available Now
CTGrade rh IL-7 500-07 Available Now
CTGrade rh IL-15 500-08 Available Now
CTGrade rh IL-21 500-09 Available Now
CTGrade rh IL-3 500-04 Available Now
CTGrade rh IL-6 500-06 Available Now
CTGrade rh FLT-3 Ligand 500-03 Available Now
CTGrade rh IL-10 500-16 Available Now
CTGrade PDGF-BB 500-25 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh PDGF-AA 500-23 Coming Soon
CTGrade rhSCF 500-02 Coming Soon
CTGrade TGF-beta-1 500-21 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh TPO 500-20 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh GM-CSF 500-11 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh IL-4 500-05 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh NRG-1b 500-27 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh EGF 500-14 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh FGF-147 500-13 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh IL-12 500-29 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh IFN-gamma 500-28 Coming Soon
CTGrade rh M-CSF 500-12 Coming Soon