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Mountain Movers

Shenandoah's 2019 Mountain Mover is Dr. Siddhartha Mitra, PhD at the University of Colorado, Denver!

Left to Right:  Allison Cole, Dr. Siddhartha Mitra, PhD aka “Dr Sid”, and Senthil Lakshmana Chetty

Dr. Mitra is a developmental neurobiologist with a passion for neural stem cell and brain tumor research.  His lab is focused on creating new therapies in this space and has made great strides in doing so.  The relative lack of quality human primary cell-based animal models remains a significant limitation to the discovery and application of new therapeutic advances for adults and children afflicted with central nervous system neoplasms. With a background in mammalian developmental biology and a desire to further the availability and practicality of such models, Dr. Mitra has developed a rigorous experimental program to establish novel dissociation and culture protocols for generating primary human cell lines from surgically-resected or postmortem brain tumor samples. By setting up a team comprised of pediatric neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, and clinical and surgical support staff, Dr. Mitra has established a highly successful tissue acquisition network where scientists are now able to research a vast array of pediatric brain tumors. These cell lines have led to major findings such as the identification of EGFRvIII in tumor stem cells (Cancer Research, 2014), the development of the first in vitro culture model and xenograft model for DIPG (PNAS 2010), and a comprehensive library of cell lines for c-Myc-amplified sub group (Group 3) of medulloblastoma, which have now been used in three major publications (PNAS 2015, Clin Cancer Res 2014, Nature Medicine 2014). These cell lines have now been distributed around the world to multiple groups for high throughput screening to identify novel drugs with therapeutic potential.

Because of his important work and loyal patronage (and friendship) of Shenandoah, the Mitra lab has been awarded Shenandoah’s 2019 Mountain Mover product grant.  Dr. Mitra believes that Shenandoah proteins will help the lab’s continued effort to develop new models for functional studies and thus to identify novel therapeutics against pediatric brain tumors. When asked why the Mitra lab chooses Shenandoah proteins, Dr. Mitra said, “I am proud to say that my lab was one of the early adopters of Shenandoah’s Products. Shenandoah has been my choice for acquiring cytokines and growth factors for 2 primary reasons. 1) The batch-to-batch and lot-to-lot activity of every product has been consistent without significant variability and (2) the customer service (provided by Linda and Olivia..yes the CSO is very accessible) has allowed us the flexibility of trying out different culture conditions.”

Please review Dr. Mitra’s recent publications HERE.

Dr. Mitra is involved with: