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Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Our Mission

At Shenandoah, rather than strive to be the largest, we strive to be the best.  We are compassionate in our work, driven by integrity and dedicated to a superior standard of excellence.  It is important to us to create a working environment for our employees that is filled with respect, humor and gratitude so we can give our very best to our customers.

What sets Shenandoah apart is not only our commitment to our customers, our business and our products, but also to our employees, our families and to a cause that is dear to our hearts, supporting rescue groups who help the abandoned animals of the world.

Our ultimate badge of honor is to be recognized as a humble organization.

Honoring ourselves and others by choosing to lead by example.

Unity in the workplace.

Make honesty a goal in life and business.

Be compassionate, giving, and caring.

Laugh often.

Exceed expectations.