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Bacterial Expression and Fermentation Specialist

Bacterial Expression and Fermentation Specialist

Department:  Fermentation

Location:       Warminster, PA

Who We Are: Shenandoah is a a leading GMP manufacturer of recombinant proteins supporting the Cell and Gene Therapy markets.  

Who You Are: Shenandoah is seeking an experienced Bacterial Expression and Fermentation Specialist.

Requirements:  Degree in Microbial Physiology, Biochemistry, Biology or equivalent: Bachelor’s degree with minimum 4 years of relevant experience or Master’s degree with minimum 2 years of relevant experience.  Solid analytical skills and ability to perform careful and consistent experiments; Proficient in using equipment control systems; Familiarity and experience with GMP methods; Proficiency with Microsoft Office.

Job Type: Full-time.  Salary dependent on qualifications.

Benefits: Shenandoah offers medical/vision/dental as well as company-matched retirement savings.

Primary Responsibilities
• Set-up, operation, and sanitization of Upstream processing equipment at all scales
• Able to operate all fermentation, harvest, cell rupture techniques and equipment
• Preparation of media and buffers
• Operate, troubleshoot, and program production equipment
• Taking in-process measurements and performing routine quantitative and qualitative biological tests
• Follow established manufacturing protocols using controlled documents while maintaining accurate records of all processes performed

Principal Responsibilities:
• Conduct all work in strict compliance with all applicable safety requirements, containment requirements, standard operating practices, and/or guidelines.
• Prepare and maintain master and working stocks of microbial strains following written procedures, and revise or develop preparation protocols as needed.
• Develop seed preparation, inoculation, seed train and fermentation protocols.
• Identify key factors affecting fermentation including media compositions, inoculum preparation, inoculation rate, and fermentation control parameters.
• Design fermentation optimization experiments based on literature, knowledge, and experience.
• Conduct fermentation experiments at various levels from bench top (250 mL and 5.0 L) to pilot scale (20 L and 80 L) to improve yield of biomass or desirable metabolites and minimize undesirable metabolites.
• Scale up/down fermentation processes.
• Prepare and support tech transfer documents.
• Assist in downstream processing development, as needed.
• Maintain laboratory equipment and instruments and comply with GLP requirements as needed.
• Trouble-shoot contamination issues as needed.
• Provide fermentation support to manufacturing operations as needed.
• Keep detailed records of experiments and documentation in Electronic Lab Notebook and other systems.
• Write research reports, prepare, and deliver technical presentations.

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